new year, new decade, new blog…

So we’re well into January and I’ve promised myself that I’ll start blogging, because I enjoyed writing the first one and then never got around to doing anymore. I’ve realised that if I do a draft on word with the intention of uploading it, I never do it. SO …. online here we go.

As it’s a new decade and the 2010’s are of the past, I’m choosing to write about current things that mean something to me rather than continuing the story from my first blog.

January is resolution time and of course often times resolutions are not followed up. I’m not mad about the ‘hype’ surrounding the New Year’s resolution, however I love the concept of choosing a ‘Word’ for the year to represent and embody a direction you wish to move in that year. (There is a lot of info out there about ‘word of year’ and vision board – I particularly like Christine Kanes work.)

I find that if the word encompasses all areas of your life that it is so powerful – so ask yourself if your word includes physical; mental; spiritual; personal; finacial etc. For example if your word is ‘Health’ – that would comfortably fit within each category.

Once you have your word – do a vision board or a diary or make notes – preferably somewhere you can see it often. When I first did a vision board, I had images and words of things I’d like to achieve sometime and only a few specific goals. But the end of that year, I’d acomplished all the the specific goals and kinda improved in the vague areas (but it wasn’t measurable). It was a great lesson for me, so now I put images of exact things that I’d like to achieve in each area of my life – including the feelings of what these will bring.

With my NLP & Coaching clients we often use this kind of goal setting – words and vision boards – along with the conscious/subconscious mind work to get these powerful shifts in their lives and it’s super rewarding to get feedback on the great stuff that they achieve.

Short blog cos I dont have time to write more now. But before I have another non-published blog, I’m putting this out there.

Here’s to a great new decade! I’m grateful for it and excited to see what it brings.

My story…

So that’s me at the end of 2012, happy that I was once again to walk (& jump) and and lead a normal life after a serious head injury in 2010. Now, in 2019, I’m starting a blog for my 5 year old business -MindShifts -so that I can write about the benefits hypnotherapy; neurolinguistic programming (NLP) & other so called ‘alternate therapies’ and attempt to dispell the myths and misconceptions that I’ve come across.

I don’t define myself by my past, however recently it’s become clear to me that it’s a good idea to ‘put it out there’ not just because it’s what led me to where I am now and how much it helped me back to health, but because of how I’m now able to help my clients make amazing changes in their lives.

My chosen career which I loved and spent many years in was Marketing – I worked on both the creative side in design agencies and the client side with larger corporates in the UK. I never imagined myself in any other career and certainly never thought I’d leave the corporate world.

On the 2nd of Feb 2010 that changed. I was thrown off a horse and injured my brain. I have no recollection of the incident or of the following 9 months (my first recollection of an actual memory was in November that year). During that time once I’d left the hospital, my husband had to do everything for me – as well as our 3 year old son, and what I know of those months is what I’ve been told.

I had to learn to walk again & to re-train my brain’s short-term memory function. Along with the medical support I got, I was taken to a variety of healing therapies including physio; sacral-crano therapy; therapeutic pilates; chiropractic; trauma release exercises; body alignment; body talk; biokinesiology and various brain training exercises. Unfortunately I don’t remember these processes, but I do know that they all worked together to help my body restore itself back to physical health.

It was wonderful to be do ‘normal’ day to day things again & but oh my gosh, my mind! I’d become so down and depressed and miserable – all I could see was the pesimistic side of life – ugh! So I started on a journey of finding solutions to bring me back to being happy and positive (I didn’t want my son growing up without the privilege of a happy mom).

My most memorable (and monumental) change was when I went to an Integrative NLP Coach – and through the processes she did with me (which included suggestive hypnotherapy), I was able to start seeing the the positive side of life again. Obviously it was a process not a once-off miracle, but what an incredibly worthwhile process it was.

That experience was the proverbial ‘first-step’ that started me off in a new direction in life – away from the corporate world that I still love and cherish the time that I was there – but towards personal growth and helping others.  I started doing coaching courses and nlp training which led me to hypnotherapy.

Having grown up in a Christian home – the word hypnosis was something that scared me and put me off at first – but when exposed to the reality of this modality and experiencing the incredible benefits of it first hand, I found myself studying more and I have certifications from two of the big hypno schools in South Africa as well as an international one. (I will write about these in the future, cos they’re worth mentioning, along with my NLP training – both local and international too).

But for now I’ll sign off.  I’ve just written my first ‘blog entry’ and in doing so, I’ve overcome a fear of putting ‘it out there’ – I dont really know how the whole blogging thing works yet, but even if just for the benefit of writing/journalling therapy, I hope it’s fun and I sure look forward to writing more.